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              Baotou Zhongnuo Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of speed reducer and gearbox in China with 20 year history. We are also the senior member of China Speed Reducer Industry Association and China Commite of Gear. As always, to provide high quality products and first-class services for our customers is our perpetual aim. Also we have been persistent in pursuing technical innovation and development since the establishment. Up to now, we have owned four main product categories such as cycloid reducer, worm reducer, variable reducer, 4 series helical gearboxes, HB series industrial gearunit and XGC hanging gearbox. They are widely applied in every kinds of industries like paper-making machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, porcelain machinery, petroleum & chemical machinery, mine machinery, steel & metallurgy machinery etc, highly praised by customers.
              Nowadays, we are very self-confident to meet the challenges for the future, we look forward to cooperating with friends from all over the world!



              專業成就行業品質 誠信創造社會快樂

              Professional achievement, industry quality, integrity, social happiness